Roger's Story

Roger Mireles

My cause is the eradication of hunger and providing access to education: issues that are critically important to the elimination of poverty. Hunger and undernourishment have devastating, long-term impacts on children that directly affect their ability to learn and develop. If we can address these issues, we can address the issue of poverty that is pervasive throughout the world. For me, giving through payroll deduction by way of the CFC is easy. I can afford to give more when my donation is spread over the course of a year. Beneficiary organizationns know they can count on these donations throughout the year, which makes planning easier and often allows for organizations to assist more people. The CFC is important because there are countless organizations that rely heavily on the donations of federal employees to do all of the great work that they do. The CFC is a lifeline that affords them an opportunity to focus on supporting people in need.

Roger Mireles, U.S. Department of Agriculture